Monday, August 29, 2016

Hoo-haw Lightning - I'm getting better!

Earlier this evening... LOL a very camera shy bolt of lightning...

I changed my exposure tie and lowered sensitivity of my trigger.

Getting the hang of this...

Good show tonight!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Busy weekend but no pics to post...

This was one of those work around the house weekends, so just to stay in touch this weekend is a pic of Raina guarding over some furniture that I'm finally getting back together after many years.  This old oak bench and chair were on my grandparents farm in a small town called Iron Belt around 1915 or so.  Since the pic, the chair is back together complete with newly milled side boards.

We'll have to get some hiking in soon! 

The chair needed milled to correct thickness side boards.  It now has a place in the den/library.

Were nearing the end of a really superb summer.  I hope you all have a great week!

AML NLO, JRO and SEO All My Love...

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Tall Ships

We sailed on George S. Patton's yacht "When and If."  The vessel was commissioned in 1939 and derives it's name from the General's own hand.  "When the war is over, and if I live through it, Bea and I are going to sail her around the world."  Hence the yacht's strange name "When and If."

The giant rubber duck was in attendance...

All of the ships were tied along the Duluth harbor wharf

Another view of the giant duck

Under way on the When and If as we follow the Pride of Baltimore out of the harbor

Overcast, but no rain.  A great day to be sailing!

What an interesting bit of history.  She's an 80 footer, with a 15ft beam.  Made of mohagany on oak framing.

Out of the harbor with the sails rigged, we chased and overtook the Pride of Baltimore - II

The Pride's answer to being overtaken...  She fired her cannon

As we came back to the wharf, a piper, drummer and a man on the oars came by.  I have no idea who, why or what they were trying to achieve.  Sort of like a Monty Python interlude.
This is the W and I under sail off of Key West.  A beautiful schooner from 1939!

Lots more to post, maybe next week.  I hope you all enjoyed our sail on the When and If.


Friday, August 19, 2016

Summer fun post ALERT

Every once in a while I get to visit some really interesting places and I like to share those on the blog... With a little luck I'll get a post up by Sunday!

We went to our favorite theater last night and caught  the Marvelous Wonderettes...  hilarious, clever and very well acted. -been humming songs from the 50's all morning...

Here's a clip from another theater taken a few years ago.  Last nights show requested no pictures or recording.  We really had a great time!  Poor Mr. Lee!

I'll close with a pic of the neighbors...

These wild turkeys have been visiting all summer!  Our hound dog goes bonkers whenever she's sees them.

See you soon!

AML NLO, JRO and SEO AML  Good luck at school NLO!

Monday, August 15, 2016

What a great weekend!

Lots of great things to do in the summer.  I suppose that's why it has always been my favorite season.  We made it to the Duluth Blues Fest this weekend and finally to a museum dedicated to a local WWII hero who flew the awesome P-38!

Duluth has a great lake front venue for outdoor festivals

The main stage.  You can see ship traffic just to the left of the stage, very cool!

This ocean going freighter has in harbor at anchor yesterday.

Pushing the Nikon/Sigma to get a pic of Ray Fuller...

The rescue helo flew by, couldn't resist the pic.  I started my career as an engineer at Bell Helicopter...

Finally!  The Maj D Bong Museum - local flyer WW2 Ace and master of the P-38

This is the real deal... a WWII German Flak Gun

This P-38 was on static display in Poplar, Wisconsin for many years after the Maj's death.  It was restored in the 1990's by the MN Air  Guard stationed in Duluth.  They did an amazing job!

Whoa, what hve we here?  LOL, yup I also worked at CAT for many years in the engine division designing and analyzing large bore diesel engines... So this little WW2 airfield tractor caught my eye.  It's amazing to me that  the drivetrain multibody dynamics were already simulated by calculation when this guy was brand new!

My father was a WW-II US Navy Frogman and he spent his war time in the South Pacific disarming stuff like this!

Another pic of a great bird...

Alis Chalmers built these "snow machines," in the 1940's  - whats old is what's new.

Nicely restores Jeep

Even a spare V-12!

WW-II Japanese flyer goggles and heated mitts.

WOW, this is an AIR DROP scooter!

Something I had never heard of before... this is a Ford manufactured jeep like vehicle made for the Russian Army in WW-II

I suppose this is a Cyrillic "Ford."

We had a wonderful weekend, I hope you did too.

AML NLO, JRO and SEO AML  Happy 1st!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Late summer - wild flower's in my yard

Munching on a leaf, this will be Monarch butterfly!

I think this is a Jerusalem Artichoke...

Can you name this flower?

The Common Tansy

Prairie Cone Flower

Canada Thistle

Birdsfoot Trefoil

Tickseed Sunflower


Spotted Knapweed

We have a lot of these!  Raspberry's!

Arrow Wood

Obedient Plant
Just a quick walk around the yard to capture the blooming plants of the end of summer! 


Sunday, August 7, 2016

A Return to a Beautiful Park - Copper Falls State Park in Wisconsin

I brought the Garmin eTrex so I could post the topological characteristics of this great park!

Entering the main trail and crossing a bridge built by WW 1 soldiers...

The waters of these rivers a rich in tannins

Many bridges like this one connect ravines

The trails are very well cared for.

There are several beautiful water falls in the park

A nice place to rest

The trail crosses the rivers a few times.  This is a suspension bridge on one of the crossings.

What a great day for a little hike!

I am really very lucky to live in such a place of natural beauty.

This is actually the confluence of two rivers meeting in this rocky canyon

The river level is pretty low right now

A couple of weeks ago we had a storm that brought 8 inches of rain.  The trees you see suspended in the gorge were carried along in that flood current.

One of my favorite places to visit since childhood...
Hope you liked the pics!