Sunday, July 10, 2016

North Shore visit...

Lake Superior is a big lake.  This weekend we had a chance to do some exploring on the North Shore.  This is unlike the South Shore...  Most of the US borders the Southern Shore but Minnesota actually captures the lake's Western edge and provides a Northern Shoreline.  This part of the state is very remote and summers are cold and short. 

The lighthouse was built in 1892 and is now a Bed and Breakfast with a great view.

This is Two Harbors, Minnesota! A small town with an interesting past. If you've ever heard of a company called 3M you may be interested to know it was started by 5 gentlemen from this small town.  Two Harbors is just North of where Bob Dylan was born (Duluth).

An unusual storage and conveyor system is used here.  Most ore docks are simply loaded from train cars of ore that drop their load of iron ore into bins.  The Two Harbor system allows for slack inventory of storage to accumulate between ship arrivals.

A gravity feed ore dock provides a means for transferring iron ore pellets onto lake freighters.  The ships than ply the waters of Lake Superior and Lake Michigan and deliver the ore to blast furnaces in Detroit or Cleveland where they are melted into steel.

Right beneath the break wall harbor light you can find this marker!
The rodeo was the big event this weekend. 

Hope all my visitors have a great week!


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