Saturday, July 23, 2016

Lightning Photography!

I've tried this a few times using long exposures to capture lighting.  I've even hand triggered a few shots over the years but have always missed the really great shots.  So I added an infrared trigger to the camera bag.  Tonight it goes on it's maiden voyage!

Storm approaching!!!

A beautiful sunset a couple of days ago.  There is a blanket of fog rolling in under a clear sky...

The first lightning shot.  Not the greatest, but at 3AM I was happy to see everything working!
Wow, I learned a lot this morning!  Planning for this type of photography is the key to success.  I got up when the thunder awakened me, but this storm had a lot of cloud to cloud lightning and as soon as the rain started, the clouds dropped lower obscuring most strikes.  The other major learning for me was that I should probably pick up a lightning detector as I had no idea of which direction the approaching storm was advancing from.  Knowing the direction to point and set up the camera would have been really helpful.  Then the rain came!  LOL, at that moment I thought about how I could have set up the shot with some sort of shelter from the wind and rain!   More storms this week! 

A fun experiment with the Lightning Bug!  When I travel, I'll be taking it along

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