Monday, July 4, 2016

A 4th of July Parade

An American tradition... after the parade we went to the county park and had bratwurst, pie and corn on the cob.  Tonight there will be fireworks!

This is farming country!


Nice '35 Ford!

Vietnam veterans rode behind the color guard in an old deuce and a half.

Timeless - the color guard marches through town. They paused while the US Pledge of Allegiance was read and after a short prayer, continued down the street.

Whoa.. a surprise visit from Donald and Hill! (Hill was booed by the way - not a good sign from small town America - IMHO)

Another nicely restored truck.

This is how emergency rescue may reach you if you're in the middle of the bush!

The mayor...

Another way to get anyone injured out of the forests that surround this little town.
Hope you enjoyed the parade!


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