Sunday, April 3, 2016

The James Hill Mansion

What a great weekend!  It started off with a little SNOW, but turned into a really nice trip to visit the James Hill Mansion in St Paul, Minnesota. 

This is the largest home by square foot in the State of Minnesota!

I've been through a number of these great old estates, the Hill house was a little different in that it seemed to incorporate a lot more warmth.  More wood, more function, more livable...  The table in this room was made to have the same major to minor axis ratio as the oval in the ceiling,  attention to detain was a hallmark of the man who would  create the Great Northern Railroad which connected Minneapolis to Seattle.

Every mansion needs a pipe organ, this is the 1000 pipe model...

Electralears all over the place

Mr Hill

A sample of the master carver work which is all over this fine old mansion

An early "Selfie." This is a carving of the carver by the carver...

Amazing woodwork really sets this estate apart, in my opinion.  Much warmer than Biltmore IMHO.

More about this in a later post.  It has a story and a painting!

A really nice library tucked away in a first floor corner of the house.

Secret passages a plenty.  This star obscured a button that would open a hidden door...

to the mansions silver vault!

Gold leaf ceilings in the dining room

The Hills started from absolutely nothing.  A waitress and partially blind emigrant from Canada who worked hard...

How neat!  This is a rocking chair from 1890... Ergonomic, smart design, could be marketed today
Very nice library

The central heating plant looks like two locomotive boilers, maybe they were!
Hope you had a nice weekend too!


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