Sunday, April 10, 2016


Incredibly we had high winds and lots of snow last week, so getting out this weekend was a nice change of pace.  Today's post is all done in very low light, but an interesting adventure.

Among other mundane travels, we stopped in to see Mummies: New Secrets from the Tombs!
Animals were often included with the dead for making the journey on "the other side."

Fascinating vibrant colors have been found on garments and shrouds buried with the mummies.

Articles like these from an ancient Peruvian tomb are really remarkable.

CAT scanners are used to "see" inside of the mummies warps.  In this new type of analysis everything from bone health to tooth decay is assessed.

Oops, this was not in the Mummies Exhibit, but I thought it was very beautiful.  It's an American Indian Jingle Dress

Here we have a child's likeness recreated with forensic science, 3-d printers and CAT scanners...

Peruvian cultures had practiced skull molding.  This was achieved by binding the head at a young age and delineated social classes and various groups in their culture.

These figurines were buried with a mummy in Peru over a thousand years ago.  Some say they represent other members of the family, some theorize they were to be workers to help the dead in the after life...

Peruvian mummy.  DNA samples now reveal where geographically these mummies lived.

Next week looks like MAYBE spring temperatures will finally arrive.  Hope all are well,


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