Monday, March 28, 2016

An early spring hike

I love to trek for hours, and this spring I have had a couple of nice hikes.  The last long hike was with a couple of horses and this on was at an Audubon Sanctuary known as Hunt Hill.

Lichen and fungus have found a home on this fallen tree...

We saw a number of birds and even came upon a mink kit - too fast for my Nikon!

Kind of a major undertaking... look closely here.  Beavers have taken down trees as large around as 2 feet in some areas!

This sanctuary is home to all sorts of animals

There are barracks style accommodations for summer programs

The sancturay contains or borders many small lakes.

I thought this wavy pattern was very interesting - as it was formed by the simultaneous growth of the fungus - sort of a tree ring kind of insight to the fungus seasonal growth!

If you are very still, you will experience countless bird and aquatic mammal sightings.

We still have ICE on our lakes!  Brrrrr

Last years fallen leaf trapped under the ice with some methane...

A single berry is all that made it through the winter!

There are a few of these rustic cabins that can be rented, very nice!


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