Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The squares of Savannah

Rare is the opportunity to photo document colonial, Civil War and industrial age city squares in a single city in the US.  Most cities that had such green spaces have experienced great growth of population and of course the sprawl of buildings and the concomitant  infra structure often encroached or eventually eliminated the open spaces as property values soared and buildings translated into tax revinue.  Savannah, Georgia has grown thoughtfully and carefully around most of its original 24 public squares.  Only 3 have been lost to urban growth, one of which was reclaimed in 2010 - congratulations Savannah.  This city plat is known as the Oglethorpe Plan.  If you are fortunate enough to walk this city, you will be impressed by its beauty and history as related in the unique squares.  I wish more urban areas in the US had developed this way.  This environmental detail, in my opinion, raises the quality of life in any urban space. Unlike a park bench or a clump of trees, the Savannah green spaces connect us to our history.  Thank you Mr Oglethorpe the bricks and mortar of buildings and parking garages of most cities create such a sterile world.  The Oglethorpe model encourages Savannah's citizens to walk, gather and socialize in a very pleasant way.  Savannah is to be experienced, not simply visited.

So for your enjoyment...  here are a few of the squares of Savannah.

Remember this from Forest Gump?

The only ding I would give Savannah is parking is tough!  Go for one of the many parking decks, and just be prepared to do a few laps...  but you will eventually get parked.  Then let the wander begin!


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