Sunday, January 24, 2016

Charleston is a most charming city...

Named after King Charles II of England, Charleston is a beautiful city with a rich past.  Everything from Blackbeard the Pirate to Ft Sumter and the second longest cable bridge in the Western Hemisphere and a retired aircraft carrier!  A vast intersection of art history and culinary delights everywhere!

America's only tea plantation is located here

and this is what tea looks like... 

Somehow I missed the opportunity to pose with the frog...
The leaf of this carefully cultivated plant is harvested and dried then ground into fines as the fines are dried and dehydrated, the length of time determines the type of tea you will create.  Those fines are eventually heated to stop the chemical reaction.  Warm water then releases the flavors when you steep that tea!

On a simply marked dirt road stands the "Angel Tree." This old live oak is around 600 years old.  As you can see it's huge!

In the French Quarter of Charleston you will find this amazing Huguenot church build in 1681...

Savannah has a similar cable bridge, the Charleston bridge was designed by Parsons Brinckerhoff.

At anchorage in Patriot's Point, is the USS Yorktown

and of course Ft Sumter.... where the American Civil War started!

Beautiful fountains can be found at the river front

A street view of St Philip's Episcopal Church
The "Angel Tree," on a sunny winter's day.

Hope you liked the pics!


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