Saturday, January 30, 2016

Patriot's Point

Sunny and warm, a great weekend to go for an explore.  This time the venue was Patriot's Point a collection of a submarine, aircraft carrier and destroyer...

The hangar deck of the USS Yorktown

My favorite aircraft the F4U Corsair

Torpedo bomber... Remember flight 19?


Yours truly walking past the sail...

View from the helm

Stern view of the Yorktown

An awesome day touring a great ship!

The Laffee 
We toured three vessels, and learned a lot about the history these war machines helped write.


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hunting Island Light

The Hunting Island is nearby and this evening we walked the beach and climbed the old light tower.  One of the nicest parks I have ever visited.  I'm posting a few pics just to share.  Hope you all enjoy!

The view from the awesome beach

Looking straight up inside the structure, you can see the iron steps and landings. This design was modular and was actually relocated once to move the light house inland from an eroding shoreline.
The entrance with date of construction

On each landing there's a small plaque with historical vignettes 

No longer a functioning light, the Hunting Island Light has a storied past.
On a walk along the beach several tidal pools held starfish

This little guy was relocated from a dry pool to a deep one.  One starfish saved!
Hope you liked the pics...


Monday, January 25, 2016

A few twilight pics

I don't get a chance to do much twilight or low light photography, but tonight I had the camera and my tripod... so enjoy!

A few minutes after sunset

ISO 100 F5.6 and about 7s... I sort of go by my intuition on some of these exposures 

An old swing bridge allows boats to transit the harbor

Moonrise with some light overcast...

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Charleston is a most charming city...

Named after King Charles II of England, Charleston is a beautiful city with a rich past.  Everything from Blackbeard the Pirate to Ft Sumter and the second longest cable bridge in the Western Hemisphere and a retired aircraft carrier!  A vast intersection of art history and culinary delights everywhere!

America's only tea plantation is located here

and this is what tea looks like... 

Somehow I missed the opportunity to pose with the frog...
The leaf of this carefully cultivated plant is harvested and dried then ground into fines as the fines are dried and dehydrated, the length of time determines the type of tea you will create.  Those fines are eventually heated to stop the chemical reaction.  Warm water then releases the flavors when you steep that tea!

On a simply marked dirt road stands the "Angel Tree." This old live oak is around 600 years old.  As you can see it's huge!

In the French Quarter of Charleston you will find this amazing Huguenot church build in 1681...

Savannah has a similar cable bridge, the Charleston bridge was designed by Parsons Brinckerhoff.

At anchorage in Patriot's Point, is the USS Yorktown

and of course Ft Sumter.... where the American Civil War started!

Beautiful fountains can be found at the river front

A street view of St Philip's Episcopal Church
The "Angel Tree," on a sunny winter's day.

Hope you liked the pics!


Saturday, January 23, 2016

Spin through Savannah

A really nice city - Savannah Georgia is home to SCAD The Savannah College of Arts and Design and a city full of art and culture.  I'll post a few pics but will put up a lot more when I get a chance...

The city where Forest Gump sat on that bench and gave us his thoughts about life has much to offer

The history goes back to the very beginning of the colonies and country

22 squares exist placed in a checkerboard fashion

Any Girl Scout would know whos house this was...

A DAR portal into a very old cemetery

Every square has a story, some of which reaches way back to colonial adventures

The infamous Six Pence Pub
I'll post some higher res Nikon pics later. 


Saturday, January 16, 2016

Fiumicino - NOT the airport

I've been through FCO many times over the years but have never been to the village of Fiumicino.  Well, now I can say that I have!  Just a few quick iPhone pano shots.  I have the day to explore!  Maybe check out that mud volcano :-)

Fresh frutti di mare from boats literally across the street!

It's a cloudy, cold day - but as you can see Fiumicino is a harbor town...

The fishing boats line the pier when they are in.  When they return throngs of people will buy fresh fish right from the boats.
Warm enough to work on this sailboats hull...  I was looking for an interesting pic of everyday life in Fiumicino.

The Italian Coast Guard stands ready.

Artist: Alba Gonzales. A tribute to the fishermen of the city of Fiumicino: the soul and economy of a place that draws its living from the sea.

This was where I ate my lunch.  Fresh and delicious. Served with Italian kindness.  I love Italy!

On the pier - fresh fish!

I discovered a new musician on this trip, this musician reminds me of Zack Sobiech's "Clouds."...  Hope you enjoy, millions have listened to "Lost Frequencies."  Just now heard of them... 


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Back to Montone

I get to travel every now and then and I really enjoy wandering around the little towns and hiking trails I find.  Tonight was the second exploration of a very beautiful Italian village called Montone. Montone is in the province of Perugia in the Umbrian region.  Mountainous, scenic and full of ancient history and some of the best cuisine a tired traveler will ever find.

So here are a few pics of a winter's evening trek through the village of Montone.

This bell tower  is set back from the main piazza and inside the castle wall.

Winding my way along a side street.

The indirect lighting in portals is simply enchanting.

On my way to the main piazza

A quaint shop right next to...

The gelato shop!

What a beautiful village!

Castle for sale...

Another led  lighted portal

A white washed ceiling, floor mounted led's... smart lighting.

Not open yet...

A look inside the TIPICO door

I didn't see anyone on the cobblestone streets because everybody was at the gelato shop or eating dinner!

Speaking of dinner, I stopped into Erba Luna again.  I love this place!

OK, truffles, walnuts and ravioli

...with a chocolate shaped konch shell filled with amazing goodness!
Hope you all enjoyed Montone.  I wish I could relate in a photo how beautiful this place is.  The switchback drive up the steep slopes to the ancient city add to its charm.