Monday, December 21, 2015

The story of the Pink Elephant...

Every now and then you run into the unusual.  I always think about fun stuff to post, and keep an eye out for things like this.  I find the odd stuff on the side of the road interesting and when there's a story - well that's post material - I say!

Today's post concerns a giant Pink Elephant wearing glasses.  This near sighted giant can be found at a gas station just off of  I-90 a few miles North of Madison, Wisconsin. 

This elephant has been watching the cars go by since the 1960's. Made by a company called Sculptured Advertising, it first sat in front of a dinner club called "The Pink Elephant...." in Marquette, Iowa.  Then found it's way to the gas station it is at today.  The roadside attraction has been photographed many times and there is actually a wall inside the station that chronicles  photos people have taken in front of the iconic pachyderm over the many years.

A photo on the wall capturing a parade appearance in the 1980's...

 I'll keep on looking, and I hope you all enjoy the pics.


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