Sunday, December 20, 2015

A winter graduation at the University of Wisconsin

Wow, I forgot how moving these can be.  We had the good fortune to attend a winter graduation at the University of Wisconsin today.  This university is one of my favorites and the commencement ceremony was beautiful.

The ceremony was at the Kohl Center

The Nicholas Club is a great new addition!

Digital banner of the day!

We entered the arena about 45 minutes before the start of the proceedings.

I'll post a pano later, but as this pic suggests, the arena was filled as we listened to some very inspirational speakers and were honored to see nearly 3000 students receive PhD's, MS and BA/BS degrees!

Another "Seen on the side of the road," report... At the entrance to a defunct resort in Northern Wisconsin on a lonely stretch of Highway B stands this fiber glass figure of Paul Bunyan... the figure is around 10 meters high and holds an ax over his left shoulder.

Another great weekend!  I hope all enjoyed the pics, "Wisconsin" is a truly a wonderful university.


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