Sunday, November 22, 2015

Brrrr it's getting colder...

This is the time of year when there isn't enough snow to ski, it's cold 20 to 30 F in the mornings, and I usually don't hike or get into the forest too often.  I did notice the beautiful ice formations on trees and plants this morning from the condensation in the air.  As winter approaches the climate gets colder and very arid.  Humidity will move towards 20 or 30 percent and the below freezing temperatures begin to sustain. 

So here are a few pics from the morning's wander...

There's a small creek in there somewhere... sparkling ice and a clear blue sky. A beautiful day!

Last summer's flowers bloom one more time... this time with ice crystals.  Soon they will be buried in snow to return next spring. 

Whats this?  Well let me tell you!  I discovered this at a diner around an hours drive North from where I live and I must say, this is a most delicious mango pepper sauce to put on just about anything.  It's from Jamaica and it's fantastic!

Just a short post this weekend.  Hope all are well.  AML NLO, JRO, SEP AML

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