Sunday, November 15, 2015

A Trip to Houghton Falls

Sunrise on Basswood Island (one of the Apostle Islands at the Northern Tip of Wisconsin) this Saturday morning...
One more installment on roadside oddities.  This siting was near Superior, Wisconsin.

Hard to really visualize the scale from this view

This is a little better... the chair is about 3 meters high.... this is along the highway and I'm not sure why...

Another super delightful weekend!  Seasonably warm temperatures and time for a little hike.  This weekend we checked out Houghton Falls near the very Northern tip of Wisconsin.

These next two pics are a strange footnote as to how people get around on the Apostle Islands.  Once the water freezes over and the car ferry's are no longer in service, air boats and ice bridges become the transportation mode.

Note the radial engine and cut back prop.  The aero engine is pulling, which made the slipstream directly behind the cab a very dangerous area.

Yeah, had to add this too.  A knot in a prop shaft...

Ok on to the Houghton Falls tail.  This is typical terrain.

The river flows through a pre-Cambrian sandstone gorge on it's way to Lake Superior.

A really interesting place geologically.

Some of the upper falls spilling over a sandstone ledge.

A beautiful day for a hike and this river gorge was beautiful!

A lot of moss covers the rocks and trees down in the gorge.

Hard to visualize in this pic, but the water drops about 60 feet from one tiered ledge to the next.
At the bottom of a rock slide, the stream emerges.  Very beautiful area.

Approaching the river's end into Lake Superior.

Following the trail to the lake shore, the view to the left shows the sand stone erosion caused by lake ice and weathering.

The view to the right, under a November mid-day sun.  Lake Superior is expansive!

This little tree was in a nearby park and I thought it looked really nice and the right pic to close this post with.
Hope you enjoyed Houghton Falls!


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