Sunday, October 18, 2015

Lake Como

Here's a few pics of the Lake Como landscape.  We hiked a lot of the trails, including the trek to St Martino.  More pics to follow in the days ahead...

This is the view from Bellagio looking towards Como

The Rockefeller Foundation has a center for research near Bellagio. 

Such a beautiful place.  Many come here just for the landscapes.  Franz Liszt and a host of others including George Clooney have sought out this place.

St Martino, about half way up the cliff in the pic below.  A nice hike.  We met a bunch of goats along the way!
Curious goats perched on the mountain side looking at me as I approach the church

I made it! What a fantastic view of Lake Como on a beautiful day.  There is a story that goes with this church.  It is said a small wooden sculpture of the Theotokos  or Virgin Mary was found in a nearby cave.  Transported to the village below it mysteriously re-appeared at this site on the side of the cliff.  So here is where St Martino was built in commemoration.
The trail...

If you look closely, the church is about half way up the rock face on the far side of the lake.

The Villa Carlotta has some exquisite gardens!
The way a lot of traffic moves on Lake Como.  Efficient, quiet and inexpensive.

On the "5th floor." Rooftop of the Metropol in Bellagio watching an amazing sunset.


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