Monday, October 19, 2015

A walk through the Neive countryside

We spent a few days in Neive and hiked to Barbaresco.  The vineyards are small and almost exclusively to a particular hillside, the hills are steep and the hospitality is outstanding.  You can hike the harvest trails through the various vineyards and make your way to various towns in the region.

In the midst of a vineyard

Nebbiolo grapes awaiting the harvest.  These are harvested late as the cold temperature causes certain reactions in the grape that create the Barbaresco flavor...

I think this is the Prinsi vineyard from the trail.

The only place in the world where these temperamental grapes grow!

Another yard full of vines

Nearing the end of the trail you find sidewalks and here we are about to enter Barbaresco

If you ever see a Barbaresco wine label with a tower on it... This is that tower!

One of the fine labels in Barbaresco!
Hope you liked the pics.  It was a nice hike, and other towns we visited like Alba, Neive and Asti were all very wonderful.


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