Sunday, October 25, 2015

Eugene Delacroix and another roadside oddity...

  The Eugene Delacroix exhibit was at the MIA.

Admission to the general collection is free, but special traveling exhibits are sponsored by patron ticket fees.

This was a really interesting exhibit.  I had no idea Delacroix influenced so many artists.  His use of colors and light are masterful.  His modernistic influence changed the art world.

 There was a sculpture of Eros's head...

Not too sure what to make of it...

The American Indian collection is really beautiful.

A new exhibit of Japanese woodcut prints was on display too.

Can you see the influence in modern day anime?

Wonderful colors

Yet another really nice fall weekend with mild temperatures. Winter is on it's way so not too many more days like this are left.  So the last thing I'll post is this roadside bit of Americana...


Sort of an angry cowboy. Around 15 feet high, and I'm thinking at one time there must have been something in his hands...
UPDATE on this siting! There seems to be a whole lot of giant cowboys like this one!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Whoa... what's this?

More strange stuff on the side of the road!  This time the siting was on a lonely stretch of highway in Northern Wisconsin.

Amazing what you can do with concrete

-and imagination...


Monday, October 19, 2015

A walk through the Neive countryside

We spent a few days in Neive and hiked to Barbaresco.  The vineyards are small and almost exclusively to a particular hillside, the hills are steep and the hospitality is outstanding.  You can hike the harvest trails through the various vineyards and make your way to various towns in the region.

In the midst of a vineyard

Nebbiolo grapes awaiting the harvest.  These are harvested late as the cold temperature causes certain reactions in the grape that create the Barbaresco flavor...

I think this is the Prinsi vineyard from the trail.

The only place in the world where these temperamental grapes grow!

Another yard full of vines

Nearing the end of the trail you find sidewalks and here we are about to enter Barbaresco

If you ever see a Barbaresco wine label with a tower on it... This is that tower!

One of the fine labels in Barbaresco!
Hope you liked the pics.  It was a nice hike, and other towns we visited like Alba, Neive and Asti were all very wonderful.


Return to the Cinque Terre

We had the great good fortune to spend a few days in Monterosso and hiked back to Vernazza where we had the best calamari at Bati Bati's...

A Silvio Monfrini sculpture of St Francis of Assisi petting a dog sits high above the city

The Giant of Monterosso al Mare

Old town from the Cinque Terre trail. In the upper left you can see the convent of Capuchin Friars.  It's well worth the short hike up the hill to see the Van Dyck and hear the Friars chanting the hours. 

A typical view of the terrain, and the beauty of the coast in this part of Italy

The Cinque Terre trail winds it's way through olive groves and vineyards. Most of the grapes grown in this area make white wines. 

The classic approach to Vernazza from the trail.  Lots of steps - BEWARE!
We averaged between 6 to 9 miles a day in all types of terrain.  If you ever get the chance do the Cinque Terre.  You won't regret it!

My favorite place for calamari - ever - anywhere!  Cash only, and the mixed seafood is pretty darned good too!  Oh and just to mention, the Gelataria Vernazza is just a few meters up the street - cash only too by the way.  I've visited each of the five villages and Vernazza is my favorite.  Large cone please.


Sunday, October 18, 2015

Lake Como

Here's a few pics of the Lake Como landscape.  We hiked a lot of the trails, including the trek to St Martino.  More pics to follow in the days ahead...

This is the view from Bellagio looking towards Como

The Rockefeller Foundation has a center for research near Bellagio. 

Such a beautiful place.  Many come here just for the landscapes.  Franz Liszt and a host of others including George Clooney have sought out this place.

St Martino, about half way up the cliff in the pic below.  A nice hike.  We met a bunch of goats along the way!
Curious goats perched on the mountain side looking at me as I approach the church

I made it! What a fantastic view of Lake Como on a beautiful day.  There is a story that goes with this church.  It is said a small wooden sculpture of the Theotokos  or Virgin Mary was found in a nearby cave.  Transported to the village below it mysteriously re-appeared at this site on the side of the cliff.  So here is where St Martino was built in commemoration.
The trail...

If you look closely, the church is about half way up the rock face on the far side of the lake.

The Villa Carlotta has some exquisite gardens!
The way a lot of traffic moves on Lake Como.  Efficient, quiet and inexpensive.

On the "5th floor." Rooftop of the Metropol in Bellagio watching an amazing sunset.


Alfa Romeo Museum!

Ooooo, the entrance to the Alfa Romeo Museum!

Arriving in a state of hunger, we had a great lunch at the Alfa Cafe!

The 1932 Mille Miglia

Beautiful lines!

An '07 8C - Alfa designers know how to create beauty

Remember Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion car of the 1930's?  This is an Alf from 1913!  The Castagna!


The Giulia at the showroom...

IP picture, the gear shift knob says "I'm a six-speed"

Sleek, beautiful and all Alfa!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Some fall pictures

One of many small waterfalls in the area
We have had really nice weather, and this weekend was no exception.  Here's a few pics from an afternoon drive...

The fall colors are only 30 - 40%

Summer is over...

A nice view.  The rock has almost a vertical striation

Beautiful colors

Another trip to the old ski flying hill - Copper Peak

The view from the top

The shadow of the structure some 15 stories high, is cast on the forest below

View from the top of the hill. 

Just a great day to go on a wander...

Imagine you're at the top of this thing - on skis - and you just pushed off...