Monday, September 28, 2015

Inside the last Whaleback ship in the world...

Here's a few more pics of the Meteor.  Such a futuristic design, she had limits to her length and therefore her ability to haul materials.  This vessel originally plied the waters of the Great Lakes in the 1890's!  She was re-fit many times, ending her carrier as a tanker.  Interestingly what stopped the whaleback design was a lack of torsional rigidity.  The internal ribs and structural gussets lacked sufficient depth to give the hull enough stiffness to lengthen the vessel and allow her to keep up with the motorized barges that became the giant lake freighters of the modern era.

The hull continues to a keel 10 feet below the ground.

The deck hatches were removed and this structure was added to segregate and cap the new oil tanks.

This wheel house is as simple as it gets!

Cowl vents for the engine room and the galley. 

A three cylinder steam engine provided propulsion power.
The hull length was structurally limited by it's design.  So to make the vessel competitive as a bulk carrier it often towed a barge.  This was not safe in heavy seas, so eventually all whaleback vessels were either scrapped or sunk. 


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Lunar Eclipse of Super Moon

The eclipse was really awesome!
I will post a mosaic when I figure out how to do that!  Another really clear night for some awesome star gazing. 


Harvest Super Moon

What a great night to get a few pics of the moon!  No clouds, no bugs, and no dew! 
These are for you Nick!

These were shot with a Nikon 7100 and a 9 and 1/4 inch catadioptric telescope from my back yard this evening. 

Hope you enjoyed the pics,


Saturday, September 26, 2015

MSP on Final Last Night

Just an interesting clip on Minneapolis and MSP.  I'm always so surprised at how many green spaces and waterways there are in the Minneapolis area. 


A visit to the National Museum of the US Marine Corps

On my way to the airport I had just enough time to stop in and visit a museum that I have drove past for years and have always wanted to visit.

The main gate to the museum

On the grounds surrounding the main building there is a walkway which winds it's way past many memorials. The statue above is "Molly Marine." Dedicated to all women who have served.

This is Lt Gen Lewis Puller aka "Chesty Puller." A legend. 

This is the window at the front of the chapel.

As you walk around the grounds the side walk recalls major battles, Marine Corps ideals and it's entire border has paving stones with the names of thousands who served. Khe Sanh took place in several phases during the Vietnam War.

Reaching back to WW I Belleau Wood was conflagration that ended with nearly 10,000 casualties. 

Honor, courage, commitment...

Lt Gen John Archer Lejeune

This one touched me personally.

Inside the museum the displays are very well done.  This is an amazing place to visit.

Static display of a Harrier I'm not sure if it is an AV, G or FRS

Once again I'll say - I think the F4U is the most beautiful bird ever built.

"Iron Mike."
I Hope you liked the pics,


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Lincoln Memorial

Got into DC a little early on a beautiful day and had a chance to visit a few of the memorials.  DC is a beautiful city with many green spaces and of course some very wonderful monuments.

The Lincoln Memorial sits atop a small rise at the end of the reflection pool.

The obelisk and reflection pool

Well here's the main entrance to the memorial...
Abraham Lincoln a giant of a man who governed at a tumultuous time. His leadership and courage still inspires.
If I have time I will post some of the other memorials.  Truly a fantastic place to visit!


Sunday, September 13, 2015

A visit to the Meteor

A few weekends ago I stopped in to see this old Whaleback
Hard to imagine this vessel plied the waters of the Great Lakes for over 70 years!

Today she's a museum ship

More about the Meteor when I get a chance to post some of the internal pics.

I was on the University of Wisconsin campus a couple of days ago and was awakened by the band doing a newscast...
The Badgers won their first home game against Ohio.  All is right in Madison.

Very creative post!


Saturday, September 5, 2015

Finally back together!

It took me a lot longer to re-assemble and collimate the old telescope!  I'm going to try some lunar and planetary photography soon.
I'm still working on the clock mechanism... my altitude motor resistor under repair, the optics are now clean and sharp!

The pollinators are very busy around here.

Honey bee at work!