Sunday, August 9, 2015

Timm's Hill trek

How many people can say the have been to the highest point in the State of Wisconsin?  Well today I can claim membership in that elite club!

Timm's Hill is a geological bump in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin, it's not very high... but it was fun to go there and to be able to say... yup, been there - done that - 48 to go!

Timm's Hill is the location for today's trek.  A very nice county park  is home to Wisconsin's highest point. Several hiking trails and a tower are there to get you above the trees to see the beautiful view.

There's a walking trail and a horse friendly trail a few hundred feet away.

Along the walk up the hill is this memorial.
The trail is well groomed.  You walk under a canopy of trees.

Atop the hill is this tower.  At the base of the tower there is a bench donated by the Highpointers... Today it was raining in the distance with the occasional thunder clap in the distance.
The pano view with a little spectral editing...

Highest natural point... 

We signed the visitor register...  They had engineering paper to write on!

On the way back down, another memorial tribute.
But let's not forget Michigan's highest point...  It's located near L'Anse in the beautiful Upper Peninsula and is called Mt. Arvon! 

Well there you have it... that's pretty much what you see at the Michigan site...

Looking around on the top of Michigan's highest natural point  is kind of like... "wooded."
Hope you liked the pics, check out the Highpointer's site...


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