Monday, August 24, 2015

The Glensheen Mansion

During the early 1900's an incredible amount of wealth was amassed by a small number of people who were smart enough to make the right investments, business decisions and saw some kind of future.  Many would get one or all of those things wrong and lose everything... a few would be lucky enough to grow even bigger and become the sustaining wealthy for generations.  Such was the case for the self taught teacher turned lawyer - Chester Adgate Congdon. 

With chance circumstances, intellect and opportunity Chester  made a fortune in mining.  This is one of the homes he built on the shore of Lake Superior in 1905...

This is Glensheen
An amazing place with a gold leaf ceiling, the finest wood carvings and a fantastic view of Lake Superior.  Located between two creeks... which make it a a glen... the mansion took three years to build and nearly a million dollars in 1905.

This is the "barn" a stable for the estates horses and cattle.  Just South of this structure are beautiful gardens which were maintained by the estates resident gardener.
This beautiful garden is to the North of the house and sits between the estate and Lake Superior.
There is a gardener's guild that tends to these gardens.


There was at one time six miles of hiking trails on the estate. This bridge crosses one of the creeks that cross the property.
There is a sad footnote to the Congdon mansion story.  In 1977 a psychopathic grand daughter and her husband murdered the last surviving daughter of Chester Congdon to try to get an inheritance.  The story is told in this very insightful book.

Holy cow! 


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