Sunday, August 30, 2015

Minnesota State Fair

Lots and lots of people!  Yesterday's attendance was 180,000 people and today's will probably push into 200,000 or more folks of all kinds stopping in to see the livestock, amusement rides and the state of Minnesota's biggest sugar beet and of course the blue ribbon ear of corn...

So here are just a few iPhone pics, I hope you enjoy.  The most remarkable thing I saw at this fair was a gigantic boar named Captain Jack... and ate a really good gyro for lunch!

The main gate was busy and efficient!

This is a pic of a low traffic street!

The famous SPAM kiosk - something of a Minnesota acquired taste.

A beautiful Percheron getting a washing, the man grooming the horse is about 6 feet tall... these are some very big and beautiful horses!

I have never seen Vaulting before... in front of this horse there is a team of girls that performed a sort of gymnastics on horseback. 

These gals were amazing! They moved with the cadence of the horses.
Some very curious lamb

This is "Captain Jack," he's a 5 year old boar and weighs in at 1080 lbs! To get an accurate perspective, this animal is around seven feet long with a snout the size of a bucket. Notice the grain dish in the back ground...

Some beautiful plants in the Horticulture Building

An award winning flower arrangement...

Some Blue Ribbon corn... gosh there was LOTS of corn. How you can tell the best from the rest?

Another really nice weekend!


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