Sunday, July 19, 2015

Weekend camping trip to Madeline Island

Summer has been really nice.  The temperatures are in the 80 - 85F range with occasional rain.  The garden is growing great too.  This weekend I checked out a place I had never been before.  Last winter I hiked the Ice Caves along the South Shore of Lake Superior and could see this island in the distance across the exapanse of several miles of Lake Superior.  The island I camped on is called Madeline Island, it's part of a chain of islands on the Northern tip of Wisconsin.

The island was first settled by French fur traders in the 1600's, and has a very small population.  I actually had a childhood friend who's father was born on this island.  These days, the inhabitants are mostly seasonal but some do stay all year round.  There is a thriving art colony on the island but mostly people visit to hike, bike, camp or all of the above. 

The island has a ferry service that runs every hour until 11pm, if you miss the last one you have to wait until morning to get across!

Crossing the outbound "Madeline" late in the evening.

It took a while to set up a campsite.  I have a 5 man "Squad Tent" that really sets up fast and has a lot of room. There was rain in the forecast, so I put the fly on after this pic.

Soon the campfire kept the bugs away!

In the morning I wandered into La Pointe the only town on the island....

You don't see one of these every day...
This is a pic of "Tom's Burned Down Cafe..." Sort of an unusual dining experience!

This is an amazing bronze casting of a crow!

Not a very complex network of roads! A really nice map can be found here.

Hope you liked the pics!

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