Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hiking Monte Acuto

Today at 8:30 this morning I headed up Monte Acuto in Umbria with a friend from the town of Umbertide. These pictures are do not accurately portray the beauty of this area.

Blaze on Italian hiking trails is white over red. This blaze is placed on rocks on the ground as well as trees, so placement of the trail blaze keeps hikers on a common path in the grass areas at the top of Monte Acuto.

Everywhere you look, there is beauty

The lower part of the trail routes through pine trees
The air was a little humid today, so the landscape is a bit muted.  This is the same sort of condition that gives the "Blue Ridge Mountains" their name.

Well marked, and delineated in hours of travel to your destination.

The Umbertide Valley

Typical brush or sage grass type of growth near the top of these mountains.

In real life this is simply awesome, all I can share though, is this picture.
Wild flowers along the path...

Wild Strawberry's grow along the trail

Very sweet - a delightful treat
Many colorful flowers are in bloom in June. 

The top of the mountain is covered in grass and rock

At 200mm zoom, this is a monastery on a nearby hill top as viewed from Mounte Acuto.
A commemorative cross was placed atop Monte Acuto by the people of Umbertide in 1933 it commemorates those lost to WW I. In an earlier post you can see this cross from afar.


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