Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Gubbio revisited!

My friend Carlo told me about the festival in Gubbio known as the race of the candles.  These very tall and very heavy "candles" are carried from the city center to the Basilica on top of the mountain by teams of athletic citizens of Gubbio.  He told me the changing in of rested runners is really fascinating to see.  I didn't doubt that and tried to imagine what that looked like.  I knew how big the candles were because I just stood next to them last weekend.  Well here are two absolutely amazing videos that show this event. If you look carefully you can see many of the places in my first Gubbio post.


I think this is what is being written in the text of the video.  Forgive my poor Italian if I have this translation wrong.  

"A devotion to the city made of stone and to this ancient land and its past glories -all now unite

Gubbio is reborn; everything paved, silent and dormant comes alive with the beating of a hidden force 

The shouting voices explode and awaken the old souls 

Run men, run the heavy lights up to where the Father rests!

Now past and present become one in a unique prayer"

Here are the "Candles" inside the Basilica

A beautiful window in the Basilica depicting scenes of the Saint

A little history of the Ceri Festival

Ciao NLO, JRO and SEC


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