Friday, April 17, 2015

One of the most Amazing things I've seen recently...

Almost as cool as the FORD 6 degree of freedom driver simulator on the tri-axial base! (That took me back to my vehicle simulator days at a place called "Pontiac North."  Fun!  A long time ago I worked on replication of road profiles into vehicle structure using servo-hydraulics and a giant array processor called a VAX PDP-11.... LOL, that thing kept the whole control room warm when it ran.

So what's this groovy thing... I went to an art show and saw so many amazing things a few weeks ago.  This one stood out as something special.  As an engineer I was amazed at how this actually could work with any accuracy at all.  Then I marveled at the craftsmanship.  This is a fusion of mechanical stuff, hand made craftsmanship, ingenuity - bearings that are really suspended shafts with strings (no rotational loss, just the flexure of a string - very cool bearing idea)  So I present for your awesome enjoyment...

This art is amazing!  The pendulums, the friction loss solutions, the accurate pairing of the inertial characteristics with the mechanism and the perfect finish of the pieces.  A pleasure to see!


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