Sunday, April 5, 2015

First hike of 2015...

The weather is still cold but I did get a chance to make a few short treks this weekend.  After preparing to pack my gps and camera - I promptly forgot both!  So no topo maps this time and no zoom or high def pictures - sorry.  Just iPhone snaps of some of the beautiful scenery.

This trek was to see the 4th highest waterfall East of the Rockies!
Walking down the trail to Big Manitou Falls... another beautiful day!
There are two falls on this part of the Black River, this is the Big Manitou, a drop of 165 ft.
There was still a lot of ice on the rocks and in the areas the sun is only shines briefly...

This is the Little Manitou, it's up river from the big falls and has a drop of around 30 feet.
Borrowed from the Pattison State Park website, here is the upper falls in winter.
Experimenting with a panoramic...
I'll be returning to the NCT soon.  Hope you all enjoyed the pics.  AML Nick and Johanna!

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