Monday, March 16, 2015

A side trip to see the Habsburgs...

What a great weekend!  Another little trip to check out something truly incredible.  The Habsburg gallery with all of its pictures, history and artifacts were so vivid.  The traveling exhibit didn't allow photography - so only links.  I did get to see the Chinese displays though and have uploaded a few pics from that gallery.  I hope you enjoy!

7th century Tang Dynasty

Chin Dynasty incense burner

Han Dynasty ink well and tablet - really!

Neolithic... around 1700 BC!

 A few paintings in the museum.

This is a Dou from 1670.  A hermit prays with much symbolism in the painting.  Hard to see, but there is an extinguished candle, an hour glass and a small straw basket with the frugal scraps that anyone requires to survive.

A Tenier from around 1680.  The Temptation of St Anthony.
On the list of things to do this summer...

Hope you all have a great week!

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