Sunday, January 25, 2015

Croatan Hike on Mountain to Sea Trail

An absolutely beautiful day for a hike.  This weekends trek was along the Neusiok Trail.  Part of the 900 mile long Mountain to Sea Trail.

Typical terrain is flat vegetation is Pine Forest. Blaze is a simple aluminum tabs.  So a GPS is really advisable.
The trail follows the Neuse River.  A beautiful view of the Croatan National Forest.
This trail can be walked to the Appalachian Mountains.
Horse trail markers.  A dual use trail system.  I met several hikers on the trail today, but no horses...
This part of the trail is near the Cherry Point Air Station, here's a Harrier flying by...
Carolina gators
A very large nest on the shore of the river

A beautiful day for a hike!

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