Friday, January 23, 2015

Birthday's are a time of reflection...

Just a little poem to some great kids I know pretty well.

One day in July a precious blessing arrived-

A wonderful girl who brightened my world – a father was I.

On another day in January a son came too and my heart grew more still.

Only a father could know the depth and joy and the love that those children bring.

So here's a small poem from a grateful Dad…

I saw you dance and you skated onto the ice as the audience applauded and a tear came to my eye.

You brought happiness to me and for that I thanked the good Lord out loud.

We ski and we bowled, we laughed and I warmed your hands before we said good bye.

Those soccer games always made my feet move as I watched you move so well – you make me proud.

As you both grow and you learn life’s lessons,  know that I’m always here for you.

All my love, from all of my heart,


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