Wednesday, December 17, 2014

As we roll towards the 2015

Shooooof, 2014 went by so fast!  A pretty darned good year too I might add.  This is just a fun post and a way to pass my greetings on to one and all, especially Johanna and Nicholas who I love so much!  Miss you guys!  So here's 2014 in 12 pics.  Hope you enjoy!

Nick and I stopped in to a little hut to warm up one day in January while skiing the ABR. Love you Nick, miss you Johanna! Hope we get out again this year!!!
February was crazy cold!  Nick and I had a wonderful time in Calumet.

March and my little dharuma buddy from Shingijutsu.... when am I ever going to color in that other eye? This thing has collected dust and wore a hard hat for a few years now. 
April marked the end of the hardest winter I have ever lived through...340.5 inches of cumulative snowfall ooooph.
May and a beautiful scene of the start of spring, and with that spring came the nicest summer I can ever remember.
June was BEAUTIFUL!  The dwarf crab apple bloom was delightful.
July and Happy B-Day Johanna and me too! This was the best B-Day cake I have ever eaten! The secret ingredient was coffee - so I'm told! A 5 STAR rating.
August and on a hike in Virginia I came across this very cool Great Blue Heron...
September and another harvest. Lots of great food from this years garden too!

October brought beautiful Italy - this was a street I wandered down in Firenze
November and the Christmas trees are up!
Merry Christmas!
And a partridge eating wild berries!

I hope and wish and pray for our good health, happiness and prosperity  2015.

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