Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Winter of 2014 Prognostications...

Hmmm with MC Escher as inspiration, I'm inaugurating my prediction post for 2015! Why does Escher have such strange bookshelves and a knocked over chair?
1. The vortex returns and North America has another long cold winter 90% iced over Superior - brrr...
2. Crude oil will hover around 100 USD / bbl all year
3. Li Ion battery chemistry will enable a 350 mile range but not yet a 30 minute recharge for autos
4. A major motorcycle brand will introduce a production hybrid
5. Major sub sea volcanic thermal loading will be linked to el nino not greenhouse gasses
6. Kryptos final message will be decoded
7. Streaming TV - like local news - wham - on your 7th gen smart phone - just a tap away
8. Emilia Earheart's Lockheed Electra is found and brought to the surface
9. Hilbert's 16th problem ( for n=8 )... falls in 2015

10. Big news out of CERN in 2015...

I'll trot out the list on New Year's day for an update, then we'll check it out on Jan 1 2016...
I think I'll adopt the "Ding" or "Bonk" scoring system.


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