Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ever hear of King Gambrinus?

I had the chance to wander through the old Pabst Brewery in Milwaukee and took a few pics of what's left.  The brewery ceased operations in 1996 after 112 years of brewing on Chestnut Street Hill.

The Brewery was open for a holiday event
 A great opportunity to step back into another time.  The pics below show a few of the rooms that were used to host special occasions on Chestnut Street...

I think this was some kind of sampling room... notice the brewing process mapped out along the ceiling

Really fantastic old wood work and you can't miss the architectural "1800's" look.

Must have been a show place in its day...

A couple more things caught my eye...

Never heard of the "King Gambrinus" maybe that's how the saying "The King of Beers" got started...  I understand he used to be on top of a building and was sort of a Milwaukee tradition.

And look who else was checking things out...

This is pre-Thanksgiving Santa.  He wanted to check out the old brewery too!
Here's a good thing to ponder and painted on the side of a building in Milwaukee !
Yup, it's a choice, positive is waaaay better than negative!
See you later, 


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