Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mittelaltermarkt at Burg Nohfelden

The keep is the center of the festival
I had a chance to visit this medieval crafts show (market) in Nohfelden this morning.  The town was speckled with canvas tents with camp fires burning, period dressed artisans and dozens of booths that were held together with pegs and rope... no nails or steel hinges for this group!

A very well disciplined hound in medieval attire too... Belle-esque including the collar!
Hard work
For the ladies...
For the gents... I think... sort of looks like the Robin suit in Batman and Robin don't you think?
A carver

and his craftsmanship
A quick spin, hope you all enjoyed the glimpse.  -Lee

A visit to Dahn

Dahn is a beautiful little village in Southern Germany and is surrounded by pine forests and awesome sandstone cliffs.  The area has many wonderful hiking (trekking) trails with beautiful views.

Atop one of the sandstone cliffs is this old cast iron cross
The trails are well marked and most of the trek is under a canopy of mature pines trees.  Very serene.

Trail markers are pretty cool!

Views from the many cliffs are outstanding and make the climbs worth it!

Life is good and its even better when you can share it!

Lots of easy climbs to great views...

and some not so easy climbs to fantastic views...

Sorry for the short post, but I am very busy at the moment.  Ciao,  Lee

Friday, July 4, 2014

Summer has arrived but...

Many greetings for all around the world who stop in and check out what's new on my blog!

The past month and the next two will be very busy for me but I do promise to get in some canoe posts and some under water posts!

I hope and wish the very best for all.       Lee