Monday, June 16, 2014

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Flat transom canoes

Good fortune shined upon me once again as a by chance conversation at the office led me to find this great flat transom canoe. I just returned with this great 'ole canoe!  Let the adventures begin!

An old design but very practical.
I've been searching for a canoe that I could outfit with a spray skirt and motorize to troll for my favorite trout on "no fuel" waterways and lakes... I think this might be the answer. 

The general idea of a spray skirt.  This one's from Classic Outdoors a Saskatoon, SK company.
Lots of room for camping and fishing gear for that fishing trip to some island or remote beach.  But not too heavy for two people to easily portage, and plenty of room for a weekend explore, just pop the spray skirt off and there's lots of space...  The spray skirt in my thinking is mostly for paddling around Lake Superior near river inlets.  Winds can come up and push waves high enough to breach the gunwales.  The skirt makes that more manageable... less cold and therefore more fun!

As it turns out Wisconsin has a lot of great places to do canoe camping. Here's a map of just a few sites...

Canoe camping sites
There are actually dozens more places to go in and around the big W. 

Any suggestions you folks have are always appreciated!