Thursday, March 27, 2014

Back Home

Well I escaped the O'Hare gravity pull and made it home a day late... but home!

What's wrong with this picture?
As you can see, 5 foot snow banks, my John Deere snow blower and a the new battery for the bike came in today...


As I post this the evening has that blue sort of tint to it and the snow is falling, the wood stove is radiating and it looks like it's going to be a nice evening to stay inside. 

Thanks to all my friends in Germany for all of your help during the last couple of weeks!  Lee

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Some of the DME stuff

I've been meaning to get to this for a while, so for those whove asked, here you go.  Every now and then I get asked about DME make rates or engine friction stuff my colleagues and I worked on during the years.  Well here are some of those, let me know if your looking for a particular one. I probably have it, along with all kinds of torsional vibes excel sheets and fortran routines.  -Lee

DME with ASME...

DME with DOE...

Engine Friction Losses...

Torsional stuff for gensets...

I think I have some Chapter 26's around and the whole friction study.  Lost to me is the monotherm pistion stuff.  -Lee

Monday, March 24, 2014

A little hike around Rhineland-Palatinate

Saved a little time on Sunday to do a 21 km stroll... hope you enjoy!

The trail sometimes followed the light gauge rail line
Getting around by train is easy, inexpensive and efficient...

Typical trail terrain
I met several nice folks, and got to listen to this guys morning musical...

A happy camper, if you clicked your teeth he would stop breahing and look at you...
Here's a health club sort of fusion...

Now consider fine clay courts, pizza AND beer...
By the way Contwig has been around a while...

I caught a game of soccer in some village I know not where... Just heard the players and walked off the trail to watch some of the locals doing battle on the pitch.
Great to watch these guys...

Awesome Cathedral in Trier...

Pretty incredible...

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

More travels

Just a quick post at a busy time.  One of my favorite places to visit!

The Rosengarten home away from home!
This jet lag thing always gets me, well I had no intention of posting anything but find myself wide awake listening to the goose outside my window quack about something... bing... up and ready to go, only everybody else seems to be sleeping!

Last evening... still trying to get my shutter settings right.
A little trip through Trier

Wet and cold, but a great day!

Trier is a beautiful and ancient city

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge

Sign in Keweenaw Research Center
 It's been a while and I've still really swamped and don't have any free time at the moment... BUT - I am judging competition sleds again this year and promise to post some really interesting snowmobiles from several different universities.  Every year I get to read technical papers and see the work that these students do.  Always a fun event, a real treat to meet and interact with these students. 

More pics to come. for Larger Image - SAE CSC 2014

Live Webcam from CSC 2014

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browser window to see
the latest picture.

Click for larger image.