Monday, December 23, 2013

What's under Lee's tree 1968????

You know, just for fun I thought I'd put up a video on Christmas Eve of a gift I received in 1968.  It isn't working right now, so I'll see if I can get it working for the post.  As a child my folks were always annoyed that whatever they gave me I eventually took apart, sometimes put back together again or sometimes cannibalized for an electric motor, a gear box or a switch. I made goofy stuff with my erector set, and when it didn't have a bent steel beam, wood scraps would do - just drill and bolt!  I experimented with whatever light bulb or rheostat that ended up in my room, large charged capacitors make a heck of a noise when discharged against pie tins... I won't tell you about my chemistry set (think exothermic)! For some reason they wouldn't resupply me...  I quested for parts from old TV sets, radios or junked lawn mower engines... LOL... Well have a look on Christmas Eve and you hopefully we see a movie of something I used to stare at many many times while imagining so many far flung adventures and inspired sketches of fantastic machines I would invent in my imagination while my elementary school teachers tried to teach me good grammar and correct spelling...  LOL, hope you like it!

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