Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A powerful Thanksgiving Akathist

Greetings to all, this link is to a very moving Akathist, it moved me to tears especially when you consider Fr Petrov's dire situation and Metropolitan Tryphon's motives - a reflection on life at the very end of his own life.  I wish good health, and God's blessings this Thanksgiving for you and all of your loved ones.  The Hymn is titled "Glory to God for all Things," a reference to St. John Chrysostom's last uttered words. This hymn was written by Metropolitan Tryphon shortly before he died, and popularized when found in Fr  Gregory Petrov effects after his death in a prison camp (Gulag). It is a most extraordinary expression of love and thanksgiving reflected upon by Fr Petrov amidst his great suffering.  A touching and fitting reflection on all of the challenges we face in our lives and how even in dire circumstances we can find so many blessings to be thankful for - even if some of them may be hidden to us but live well in the recollections of our past.  I know it's long, but it is an extraordinary Thanksgiving Hymn and I hope you enjoy it.  Also, here's a YouTube Antiochian version complete with a choir. - Lee (Thanks Fr I)

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