Sunday, October 20, 2013

First snow of the season...

Sunset view out my window

I'm currently reading Engineers of Victory, by Paul Kennedy, a fascinating read about how people solve the hardest problems at the hardest times and how the unexpected terrain problems really set back a lot of WW2 deployments.  Well I set out to photograph 12 very remote falls today.  I mapped them out... looked at the topo maps, printed gps points... What could go possibly wrong? 

Mud, big rocks and fallen trees to start with!  That wouldn't normally have stopped me but daylight is getting shorter and the first mystery falls would have been a 10 mile hike.  5 in and 5 out.  Not that that would have been a bad thing, but it would have been the only fall to photograph today.  So reluctantly I hit reverse and pondered the topo some more.  I tried three other remote falls, pretty much impassible roads (these are the two trackers and foot paths off of the Forest Highways). Excellent adventure touring on a motorcycle if it wasn't 37 degrees out.

So what I did manage to catch this weekend was Canyon Falls, always a beautiful short hike.

Lower Canyon Falls
The Canyon Falls gets its name from the rock walls the river flows through.

Then it was off to some of the more remote falls. If you read the top part of the post you'll know that turned into a bit of a disappointment this weekend.  But here's a couple of the locals I bumped int along the way...

Bald Eagle surveying it's hunting ground atop a perch

Then there were three of these guys...

Their pal was a little skiddish and hopped out of frame
Last fall for this weekend was Bond Falls

Bond Falls

Lets see if this works...      A little bit of Canyon Falls...

WoooHoo,  I think I figured out how to get my movies working!   I'll have to get my singing tree movie up! 

Have a great week all - I hope you enjoy the travels!

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