Sunday, October 13, 2013

Copper Peak Largest Ski Flying Ramp in the Western Hemisphere

Well another beautiful day here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan!  I tried to get out and get  some fall colors, but I think last weekend was peak - and it was rainy!  So I made a trek out to Copper Peak to revisit a place I hadn't been to in many years.  The post that follows starts off in Wakefield, enjoy!

Nee-Gaw-Nee-Gaw-Bow "Leading Man" A Peter Toth carving

In my NCT post of 8 September you can see the view of the Copper Peak ramp looking SW from the NCT Trailhead.  This is the approach from the chairlift ride to the structure.

Taken from a chairlift near the TV camera hut.

Walking up to the ramp. It's hard to get the sense of size from a picture... it's a loooong way to the top!
Bounce the elevator? Well the guy who resets the safety alarms and can get you down lives three hours away... so don't bounce the elevator!
There is an elevator at the base of the structure to take you up the first 18 floors, the next 6 floors are walking on steps made of perforated plate steel.  Yup, you see through all the way to the ground below... with the added effect of the whole structure swaying when the winds pick up!

Some say it has an Eiffel Tower shape...
The top of this structure actually sways in the wind!
See what I mean?
View down ramp from the top chute... that circle down range is what your trying to land in... this is the view from the very top and it shows the lower gates. I think exit velocity is around 70 mph.
Good ole' US Steel!
The top gate. Those are aircraft warning lights!
Me looking at missing knot in planking and HOLDING rails... how does any one ever develop the courage to ski down this thing!?
Looking North from the top!
One last pic for today's post.  This is sunset on Lake Roland...

End of another weekend!

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