Sunday, October 6, 2013

Another North Country Trail explore.  This is a two part hike over a very rainy weekend.
Apart from being soaked most of the time... it was a really nice hike.  I tried to get some more waterfall pics. More about that later in the post!

Red Granite Falls
Yup, Red Granite Falls is a really nice little fall on the Bad River in Northern Wisconsin. This weekend was really rainy.  So granite being smooth and rain making smooth turn to slippery... well trying to get this shot, you have to hop a few rocks and work your way to the middle of the river.  On the way back I jumped onto a large granite rock and skidded right down to the water line.  I think going down on my knee was the only thing that kept me from going swimming.

Around 7AM still pretty dry... around 7PM I was soaked!
I hiked the Heritage Chapter of the NCT and diverted to explore a few more falls, hope you enjoy!
Morning fog on Loon Lake

Typical trail terrain

Fall colors are maybe 75%

This is Copper Falls

The Bad River meets the Tyler Forks River in this beautiful gorge.

Looking down on Brownstone Falls off of the Dough boy Trail. WW I Vets put this trail in during the 1920's.

Potato River Falls
Sign along a the Peter Wolfe Chapter of the NCT.
O Kun de Kun Falls

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