Sunday, September 29, 2013

Another weekend another camping trip. Sylvania Wilderness this time!

Taking advantage of more great weather, I headed out for another night on Lake Superior, and after setting up camp had the pleasure of nice meal at the Liberty Bell. I give these good folks 5 stars.  Simply great food.

The Bell Chalet is a Hurley, WI landmark.
Next morning it was an early start for the Sylvania Wilderness Area. I met up with some fine folks from Green Bay who were kayaking this weekend.  I wanted to hike the Clark Lake trail so set up camp and off I went...

Near the boat launch is the trailhead.

Typical trail terrain, it's an easy hike.

Around ever corner there's a fantastic view.

Lots of solitary sand beaches

Fall colors are just getting started

Hard to tell, but the trail skirts the beach in most places

Howdy to two of my most favorite people!

Another mile or two up the trail...

There is some terrain and vegetation variation

I sat down to take a rest here.
And that was Sylvania...

 I wandered through the famous Paulding Light location on the way home.  Unfortunately in the daylight there was little mystery to be found.

I'll try to see if I can this last movie working right.  I haven't been able to get my waterfall movies to work... but I will give this another try.  On the Clark Lake Trail I heard this noise that sounded like a musical instrument... a badly tuned one, but strangely melodic.  I left the trail searching for the source out of curiosity.  I followed a ridge for a 100 yards or so and cam to this densely forested part of the forest.  There were more singing noises!  

Here's the first tree fall movie.  Being an engineer I had to run an FFT on this noise... there's a lot of wind rush, I'm still working on trying to figure out a way to filter that. There were several of these falls in this one spot.  Really unusual.  It was pretty windy and they made a few different pitches.  Standing right next to these trees one could put together the whole concept of a bow dragging across a string pretty easily.  The vibrating sounds were pretty cool to see.  I can see how legends of an enchanted forest could about.  Really a neat experience. A have a few more, I'll put them up if I can figure this out.

Add caption
The FFT shows a dominant 1.1 Khz which is sort of a high C note.  From a distance these trees 'sing.'

Hmmm, I see there's something still not quite right with the upload.  I'll try to figure it out!

The noise floor is pretty high, but you can see a dominant 1.1 kHz.  That's a C6 or high C!

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