Saturday, September 21, 2013

Another night camping, this time near the L Superior shore.  VERY windy last night and the roar of the waves actually kept me up 'till around 1:30 am.  Cool morning in the low 40's.  I'm trying out the French Army F-1 to test its suitability as a winter tent.  NOPE, try again...

Didn't like the venting or the low height, but a warm tent... the winter tent will be a wall or teepee.

7AM, wind is down, nice rollers on L Superior.

Then it was off to Sparrow Rapids for a short hike and a look see.  The campground is rustic, the trails are good foot paths.  But what I really noticed today was.... the leaves!  Oh boy, another week or two and the UP will be pretty much peak on the fall colors. 

About 3 or 4 mi up-steam from the rapids and built in 1919

Trestle over a branch of the Ontonagon River
See what I mean?  21 September 2013

Look closely at center light fixture...

Re-purposed! By wasps!

Burlap bag over camp fee drop box... a sure sign of winter!

The Sparrow entrance

A nice foot path leads out of the camp site to the river
It follows the river for maybe a half mile.
Really kind of nice...

More "Rapids"

The rapidest I think!

The un-rapids part...

A spillway, kind of pretty, must be to raise the water level behind it for some reason...

Trash hanger at campsite, looks like a bear exercise system to me...
 One last adventure today!  On the way back home I caught ILSX's Loco 1344 pulling logs out of the Frost siding (GPS Coordinates: 46.605081,-88.872449) on  Forest Hwy 16.  Neat to see them up here, as with the paper mills closing and the tracks being pulled up, this is a rare site.

Switching cars

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