Saturday, December 8, 2018

Fall, Winter... looks like the NASA data is right

Two years of progressive planetary cooling... Brrr

"The new NASA findings are in line with studies released by UC-San Diego and Northumbria University in Great Britain last year, both of which predict a Grand Solar Minimum in coming decades due to low sunspot activity. Both studies predicted sun activity similar to the Maunder Minimum of the mid-17th to early 18th centuries, which coincided to a time known as the Little Ice Age, during which temperatures were much lower than those of today." NASA Sees Climate Cooling Trend Thanks to Low Sun Activity Written by 

Ice is now a few inches deep - since this pic...

Ooooo, columner ice crystals fell the other day!

Yay!  The commemoration of the birth of Christ - Christmas no matter how you celebrate  it - is just ahead!


Thursday, November 22, 2018

The Charlotte Airport digital art...

As I travel around I get to see some really interesting things. Those giant LED displays most airports use to sell advertising have been thoughtfully re-invented with an inventive twist.  These led blocks - and they are large - have been programmed to display airport data.  Data Sculpture and Data Painting... what an interesting idea!  The data is real operational numbers that are processed at the airport during the day, so they change as the flights and flight operations change...

4.4 Million people come through CLT every year.  These data driven artistic displays take flight landings, takeoffs, luggage movement and gate changes to name a few things and drive algorithms that swirl, twist, stir, emerge, billow and throw blocks of shapes in ways that change organically as the airport "lives."

Happy Thanksgiving everybody, I my hopes for your happiness and health.


Sunday, November 4, 2018

Fall has come again...

First Boy Scout Camp near Hudson - we stumbled upon this memorial on a lovely fall day.  Later that evening we enjoyed a great concert with Divina and the Vagabonds.

I don't know what it was about last weekend

But I saw three Bald Eagles - big and magestic

On a flight from Waterloo to Northern Wisconsin we flew over this farm.  I've never seen support for a politician like this before.  I mean real, genuine grass roots support!
That's all for now!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

and of course.... the Flamenco


One last walk around Madrid...

Like so many European cities, Madrid is awash with amazing architecture, historical commemorations, amazing statuary and as a friend once told me of the Italian culture... a people with a story to tell.  If you take the time to absorb it, Spain does have a wonderful story to tell.  My heart still belongs to Italy, but I now agree Espania is indeed a wonderful country!  These pics are just walking around stuff from this morning... a very small example of what is here.  Enjoy...

Hope you liked Madrid!  I took a ton of pics and we walked 5 to 6 miles every day and saw so many wonderful things.  The people we met were so kind it - was a wonderful visit. 


Friday, October 12, 2018

Madrid has a lot of museums... the MUNCYT is a gem

The Prada is fantastic by the way!  I love to wander through the engineering and science museums when I get a chance and the Museo Nacional De Cienciay Technologia was no exception.  Engineering is that happy fusion of math, art, creative problem solving and materials science.... for me it has been a wonderful career and looking over an old motorcycle or piece of lab equipment and seeing how my colleagues from years ago solved problems, designed kinematic systems for suspension systems... damped vibrations... dealt with fatigue such fun to visit these places!

I remember these Bultacos back in the 70's   they were some of the first true trails bikes in that era. You can see these old lines  copied  in the Honda trails bikes of the 1980's!

A Citroen nicely restored

This is truly an awesome machine!  In production from 1897 to 1905. 

The engine plugged  right into the rear axle without a torsional compensator or damper.

The venerable Norton GG

A nicely restored Guzzi

Another really nice 1950's Guzzi

Dondolino viva Carcano!


A Norton Manx from 1952

Cool, I've only seen Panhard's in a book before this fine 1914 example. I wonder if P&Lwere the inventors of the panhard rod?  Eventually Pahard (P&L) was absorbed by Renault.

A Scott, Squirrel not to be confused with the Scott Flying Squirrel is indeed a magnificent motorcycle!

What an engineering masterpiece!

Yay! A tornado...

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Santiago de Compostela some say the final restig place of the Apostle St James

I first read about the Camino de Santiago about five or six years ago.  It was a pleasant surprise to experience the cathedral where it is said is the final resting place of the Apostle James. 

This is a most simple church.  No admission fee, just a very humble place. I lit a couple of candles for those I love and care so much about. 

The plaza is a gathering place for  pilgrims who hike into town and visit the cathedral.

The alter is magnificent with a statue of St James placed just beyond.  Below the alter is the crypt where the relics of the apostle are kept . 

After visiting many cathedrals I can attest to the fact that this one is very different.